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When Shit Happens, Positive Thinking

Yes, i know it may sound a bit raw or even badly-mannered, but the truth is that certain things happen for a reason (i am still looking for it this time though :p ) but actually when you want certain things to happen in a precise way… For some reason they dont happen. This is the case of today. I am still in Rio. My plane should have been today so that tomorrow midday i could enjoy my family back in Barcelona. Well, the funny thing is that this time, the booking was not precise enough and my return is delayed 1 day 😦

At this point, positive thinking is the only way to move forward to find sense and still a way to make progress, because even if plans dont happen exactly as we wanted them to, we still have a chance to score the sky!

A friend of mine told me once that “life is what happens while you are making other plans” et voila!

And to me this makes most sense in these cases where can do nothing but to continue and go on.

Now, in this cab, funnily enough, the cd is playing “sublime” a famous group in california back in late 90s which has a coincidence because this friend who told me about life and other plans is related somehow to this music.

What a small world!!!

#sublime #positivethinking #asmallworld #life #plans

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