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  • Jose Larr

The T Flavor!

T as in Thursday! Yes, you feel the weekend even closer.

T as in T-bone steak, today i got my teeth on a nice “vacio” from argentina, cut in a non-business oriented way!

T as in Today, for the meaning of present time of joy and opportunity!

T as in Tomorrow, for the dreams to come true.

T as in Thirsty, for knowledge to absorb.

T as in Tickles, I love the way my wife laughs when I tickle her… although she haits me for that.

T as in Tears, when i exchanged my son’s first diper as he screamed and we didnt know how to handle…

T as in Thinking, that this is all true! (Good ones for T’s)

And finally… last but least

T as in Thanks for what we are and for all that we got to share with ours.

Happy TTThursday!

#tickles #thirsty #thanks #ts #tears #tbone #tomorrow #thursday #today

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