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  • Jose Larr

Scary Times!

It does not fail to surprise the current affairs around the world. The chaos is only starting, the irony in all of it is the terrible weather and climate conditions that are taking certain areas by storm.

Insurance companies going bust, banks trembling because of liquidity issues, the whole world is suffering one of the strongest crisis ever and still certain Mass Media are informing about the skirt a particular lady is wearing, or the importance of a soccer coach about a stupid match he does not remember.

To my eyes, this is clear misinformation and to some extent manipulation of current events, reality or whatever you wish to call it.

If you look, listen and go around, you will perceive that something wrong is happening to the world. The whole global economy is shaking and so are the local smaller economies. In terms of climate it is more of the same story, even the Pope is saying bizarre things these days (well, Bennedicte has always been anyway…) but the whole point is that ladies and gentlemen, we should step back a bit and have a look at the world where we live and that OUR CHILDREN will inherit from us.

Violence is a #1 topic as well, kids are dying to play at the Grand theft Auto games for instance, because the reality, vividness and emotions, most probably are things that in the “real” non virtual world are each day more difficult to sense.

with this small pondering i leave now.

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