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MEDITATION: My-edit-action

2016 was a year that brought the advent of various changes in my life, interpersonal and internal. These series of events woke up sleeping memories of other lives when a younger version of myself exercised the mind not only working hard at work, but also through meditation.

I was introduced to the art of mediation back in the late 90’s and at the time it only tickled my curiosity to later on, in the beginning of the 2000, it started to grow on me.

Since I turned 42 last November and with focus on starting the new year in better shape, I started to exercise a bit everyday, every morning and for 6 weeks. Those weeks were the continuity of a plan that had I followed that year during which I had been cutting down on MAAC (Meat, Alcohol and Coffee). In addition to that, and as 2017 started, there was a feeling that grew on me and it was clear that another type of exercise needed to happen – I needed to grow on mindfulness, awareness and thought control – and this is when it hit me, meditation was back in the game; It was like meeting back a very old friend you really enjoy the company of but for some reason moved away from your day to day.

In parallel, and for a work related matter, I found myself looking for certain apps that would track the number of times people opened their cellphones, and in te process of searching, I found an app that did such tracking and carried an ad about another app called, there it was waiting for me, it seems it was like a cupid, love at first sight but one month earlier January 14th), and ever since the app has been giving me shelter and piece of mind during 10-minute sessions.

The next step on the road was to dust off some old books I was given from the DC connection; they made me remember the wise words of Mark Epstein in Going on Being; and like I said before, it was the renaissance of new meaning from the cradle of old content; as we grow in life we become better and not older, we grasp wider and not worse, our form of understanding reaches farther horizons and we can feel beyond our human senses.

All these actions, all these reflections have a feedback effect in myself, I started to sense and unriddle meditation as “my edit actions” to attribute improvement, and higher levels of concentration to my own being; as a vision it appeared: in the art of non-doing lays the very own process of our own discovery.

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