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  • Jose Larr

Machine’s Soul, Machine’s Love

Much is being written about machines; as threats mainly.

Some claim that these machines will take over many of our jobs and that they will steal responsibilities from humans – They state that these machines will be better prepared than humans for those and other Jobs. Simply put because they will have more information to make the right decision – Algorithms that will juggle many more factors before deciding and, as a consequence, they will reach a perfect point of equilibrium as a whole.

Recently I also heard something about “Machine Learning”, and while the person explained what it was he made an analogy… some of the pieces pointed out that in order to teach machines in a way that they can improve themselves during the learning tasks, we should to teach them in the same way as we teach our children.

To do so, we should follow a simple process; provide them with situations, give a few starting rules and guide them based on their answers. And as we know that practice makes perfect, engage them in as many iterations as possible and at the end, the kid has learnt, more or less, what is right and what is wrong, right?

Machines can certainly be trained in a way that can outperform humans in many aspects; they will faster, more precise and more efficient. They are not affected by mood, lack of sleep or interpersonal relations that may cause a negative impact in their performance. They will not worry about being tight for cash at the end of the month, or worrying about educating their kids, how to give them values, ethics, or even about how to put them through college. They are just machines.

Artificial intelligence today, focuses on how to teach a machine to be a better worker, to faster resolve problems, cheaper and with fewer errors, as a matter of fact without errors.

There is still a huge gap between reality today and a future that is controlled by machines, but awareness is not created in one day and for sure needs to be built on perceptions.

If Humans want to drive their future towards a machine-world where efficiency, cost and quality are the primary targets, it would be interesting too to also make awareness about understanding feelings, ethics, righteousness, coupling the development of Artificial intelligence with the naissance of Artificial Emotions, empathy and heart in the dealings of those machine to human relationships.

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