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  • Jose Larr

Location without Context can be Coincidence

When talking about Mobile Search, Google says that 30% of searches are location-related.

In addition, some literature has been written about the importance of real-time geolocation to converse with potential customers, impacting them in the very moment when they hit geo-fences around local stores. This is a rational based on the assumption that proximity is/was the new promised land to engage with customers.

However, there is a third element that clearly brings tangible value: Context.

A customer standing next to a physical shop can be the result of many events, however it is thanks to context that we can understand the real potential. Context can be understood as, a declared intention. Context can also be provided by the behavior of the customer prior to arriving; the searches he/she has conducted, the types of products, the price ranges, if they have already called and spoke with someone and negotiated the timing for delivery or even a discount; all of that can be defined as context.

In parallel, some telecom operators are selling SMS to SMBs. They can send messages to potential customers based on their proximity and on the previously-stored data containing people’s mobility in a certain region – obviously, segmented by device filtering, and some demographics info. Basically, if the operator saw the person, (Woman, 25-32, smartphone, etc) walking by a bar every day at 18h30 is target to receive an SMS about a happy hour on Friday. (read more)

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