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  • Jose Larr

Local is Everywhere

Local is all around us, from a coffee shop, to a pharmacy, a supermarket, a restaurant, a park, a repair shop, a gas station, to basically every single point of interest we may encounter on a daily basis. The information we know about all these places and the way we navigate our day may be very much related.

Today, both big and small cities have a life of its own; their behavior, their trends, their habits, they all define patterns and construct their very own DNA. Having said this, can you imagine knowing what a particular neighborhood is looking for before the rest knows? Can you imagine being able to predict what services and places people are looking for and where these places are located?

The conjunction of this data is what we define as “Intention”. This builds the collective intention of a region, how it feels, where it eats, how it moves – Intention is in some cases a pre-fact and it can certainly allow to forecast behavior.

When speaking of Online to Offline (O2O), knowing what the consumer is looking for gives an advantage. While drawing this equation of (Who x What x Where), a different by-product is built up and it relates to defining PERSONAS. For instance, a consumer looking for a BMW car dealer in a certain neighborhood and getting directions to that shop from a popular residential area; or a consumer looking for a supermarket who sells to low-income citizens and wants to get directions at lunch time.(read more)

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