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  • Jose Larr

Homo Digitalis @ IAB – BCN

So far its been impressive the views of Fernando Carrion (microsoft) and John Lynn (grey group), a sharp look at spanish digiconsumers (carrion), and a great and deep stab at current issues that impact advertisers and agencies, coupled with fulfilling imagery and video respectively (lynn).

For a digital marketeer, like me, focused on hourly roi, it is a learning experience to see these guys in action and see, feel and share their enthusiasm when they talk about their work, life and how they see the world today (for other humans, this is the tomorrow) and take a guess at how it could be the next tomorrow.

Quiet now, the next is about to start!

#fernandocarrion #pompeufabra #iabbarcelona #iabspain #johnlynn

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