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  • Jose Larr

Here Comes The Sun

For some reason this year, the iconic figure of the most relevant star in our solar system, The Sun, has become a permanent motto in my daily routine.

From setting it as a pointer guide to define strategy, to pinning it as the starting basis for the vision of a future, to enjoying it for physical warmth or even the jingles of a song released in ’69 by George Harrison.

So today, in the city of the beautiful “Cidade maravilhosa”, a city of Sun and on coinciding with my first official day of vacation, I decided to pause and ponder and dedicate some words to this mystical figure that has been present for long enough and has guided ancient cultures and is even active today in our lives, some are still studying it to understand its influence on us.

Thank you, Sun.

#future #solarsystem #vision #herecomesthesun #strategy #thesun

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