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  • Jose Larr

From ROI to ROE

Although it is obvious that any investment hopes for returns or dividends, the timing for such returns is not so obvious.

Reading an article about how McDonalds changed Advertising Agencies from the robustness of Leo Burnett to the attractiveness of Omnicom, it hit me. The message is loud and clear and it must have been so in the heads of many for some time now.

Companies have been beholding the evolution of technology and the perks that it brings to many aspects of the so-called digital companies, and in consequence to the online gurus who called the shots within them.

However, it is time for those technologies and benefits to serve a wider range of companies which must digitalize themselves; from a strategic stand-point to a more tactical one which is embedded in their marketing campaigns and, more even, in the way the return of those investments are measured, tracked and evaluated for future actions. (read more)

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