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Again a Sunday after a whole week of vacation, i find myself at Bella Napoli (already mentioned this restaurant in previous posts) tonight i will change pizza pazza for an erneste with natural tomato, lets see if i can recommend it!

Faces is the title of the post, but actually it should be Hats. We all wear different hats depending on the situation or context that we find ourselves in.

Throughout life we go through different stages where our roles may have changed. The funny thing is that when you meet again people you found in a particular phase, you tend to wear automatically the hat you wore back then… But WHY?

Have we not evolved, changed or left behind that phase where we behaved in the way the hat expected us to?

One way or another, the truth is that our hats change as we walk along life, and the question remains unanswered…. Should we only keep our latest hat? Or should we keep all of them and wear them occasionally?

#faces #hats #phasesinlife

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