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Everything is Relative

Just a few years ago, our genius, Al Onestone, I am talking about Albert Einstein, said it – he claimed that “Everything is Relative.”

This morning on the plane from Rio to Paris I remembered Al and not by chance.

This particular commute, Rio de Janeiro-Barcelona with a layover in Paris gets a bit lengthy and tiring, obviously thanks to the number of hours, the layover, lack of sleep, etc, anyway enough said, but it is clear in the end it is unfriendly travel.

This being said, here it is when I recalled our friend Al when speaking to an Indian couple, they were telling me about their trip and how it was a long commute for them from Rio to their final destination. The story was interesting and it was as follows: up to Paris it was kust like my trip, so around 11 hours. After Paris they had a layover of around 3 hours there, just enough time to get them ready for another 11 hours to Mumbai. Once there, they still were to enjoy another nice layover of a couple of hours until catching to the final plane that would take them to their home town where they would arrive at around 7h am, so literally one more day of flying when speaking in local times.

After this short story, the moral that the woman was telling was that at nearly at 50 the trip itself was a bit tiring, but the story was not ending there, she went on saying, “as we get there early in the morning, we take advantage of the day. My husband already has a meeting at 9h30 and I am off to my duties”. At that second, I had to reach around to get my jae and put it back as it had fell off while listening to their story. Clearly enough, I could only add to it when comparing it to my trip being extremely tiring “Everything is Relative”

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