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  • Jose Larr

Body Dependencies

After already 3 days bearing a huge back pain, i can only express my tiredness and grief.

This body we are given at birth is truly our sole companion that walks with us along our life’s way.

As youngsters, we may feel we are unbeatable and that can try and do everything we desire as our body is strong, flexible and recovers pretty fast after anysituation in most of the cases.

I am not saying now i am an aged fellow, i am on my mid thirties (34 in a couple of months) but certain time this body dependence that we have makes us feel much older, just as i am feeling right because of the physical challenges I am facing these days.

The moral in all this, at least for me, is to keep a balanced life among family, work, sport and food, the proper combination of all these four factors should help you keep your body companion fit and somehow more independent 🙂

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