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  • Jose Larr

2017… 2018

Another year has gone by.


  1. Good-byes to loved ones who went towards new horizons

  2. Meditation comeback (Tamara Levitt + + Binaural Waves)

  3. Meatless eating habits (It all started at Garam Massala)

  4. New job (RNWK)

  5. Swimming comeback (Manoel dos Santos)

  6. Loving cryptos

  7. New readings & ponderings (thanks, Candice Pascoal)

  8. Living a sci-fi era: Sophia, Back-flip-jump robot, aliens…

So what will the year 2018 bring?

I feel there are years of seed planting and others where we harvest and collect the fruit of our efforts.

I have personally made a draft of goals, accomplishments I would like to reach this new year, but they will be kept a secret… these I feel are like wishes, if you tell them, they will not come true…

Happy, healthy and fructiferous 2018!


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