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Naturally Curious about digital ideas - They are all upon us

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Local is Everywhere

Local is all around us, from a coffee shop, to a pharmacy, a supermarket, a restaurant, a park, a repair shop, a gas station, to...

From ROI to ROE

Although it is obvious that any investment hopes for returns or dividends, the timing for such returns is not so obvious. Reading an...

Manners in Business

Many years ago, back in primary school, i was told “what looks good, it is good” regardless of the fact that looking and being can be...

Body Dependencies

After already 3 days bearing a huge back pain, i can only express my tiredness and grief. This body we are given at birth is truly our...

Scary Times!

It does not fail to surprise the current affairs around the world. The chaos is only starting, the irony in all of it is the terrible...


Again a Sunday after a whole week of vacation, i find myself at Bella Napoli (already mentioned this restaurant in previous posts)...

Children are our future

just a quick post about naiveness and the true color of love. Context: The TV commercial entitled Tan Hong Ming, conceptualized and...

Summer Time, Time for Friends

On this Sunday of August, listening to our beloved Frank’s “My Way”, I get a feeling for continuing the post I started yesterday. I...

Everything is Relative

Just a few years ago, our genius, Al Onestone, I am talking about Albert Einstein, said it – he claimed that “Everything is Relative.”...

When Shit Happens, Positive Thinking

Yes, i know it may sound a bit raw or even badly-mannered, but the truth is that certain things happen for a reason (i am still looking...

Homo Digitalis @ IAB – BCN

So far its been impressive the views of Fernando Carrion (microsoft) and John Lynn (grey group), a sharp look at spanish digiconsumers...

The T Flavor!

T as in Thursday! Yes, you feel the weekend even closer. T as in T-bone steak, today i got my teeth on a nice “vacio” from argentina, cut...

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