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Manners in Business

Many years ago, back in primary school, i was told “what looks good, it is good” regardless of the fact that looking and being can be very different things. Nevertheless in our society, this concept comes along many times and by looking at something that looks good, we feel it may actually be good – wrong! The happening occurred today, i got a very persistent call from an agent, asking me to do something i didn’t really want to commit on doing and pushing the errand to the fu

Body Dependencies

After already 3 days bearing a huge back pain, i can only express my tiredness and grief. This body we are given at birth is truly our sole companion that walks with us along our life’s way. As youngsters, we may feel we are unbeatable and that can try and do everything we desire as our body is strong, flexible and recovers pretty fast after anysituation in most of the cases. I am not saying now i am an aged fellow, i am on my mid thirties (34 in a couple of months) but certa

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