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10 Years, +1K Meditations, 2 World Crisis,1 +Month of Confinement

A while ago – June 2017 to be precise – I wrote a piece about my life learnings where I visited memory lane and reviewed my previous +7 years in Brazil. Today, almost three years later, I sit down to ponder again and to reflect on the new reality that has taken the world by storm, some accomplishments and the new routine that has brought uncertainty and many questions about the future. Back in 2015 – some may remember an interesting Ted Talk given by a famous businessman, whe

2017… 2018

Another year has gone by. Changes: Good-byes to loved ones who went towards new horizons Meditation comeback (Tamara Levitt + + Binaural Waves) Meatless eating habits (It all started at Garam Massala) New job (RNWK) Swimming comeback (Manoel dos Santos) Loving cryptos New readings & ponderings (thanks, Candice Pascoal) Living a sci-fi era: Sophia, Back-flip-jump robot, aliens… So what will the year 2018 bring? I feel there are years of seed planting and others where

Why will Sophia change the world?

Much is being written about AI and Robots, their capabilities, how they are improving week by week and the potential benefits that they will have in our human lives, will they? I believe they will. However, there are some key aspects, that seem to be underseen with all the fanfare around the initial glow of the ground-breaking milestone attributed to a Robot (intelligent or not) being given the right of citizenship in Saude Arabia. All have to be put into context, being Saudi

Communizing Access to Digital Richness

Back in 2013 I was first introduced to Bitcoin (BTC). Quickly drawn to it as a quick buck to be made learning of it, but for some reason it did not stick to my attention and soon I moved on to other things (such as finding a new job as Naspers had decided to shut down their ecommerce operations in Brazil and focus on the price comparison business.) So here we are a few years later, end of 2017, revolution is coming and many are still not betting on the future of BTC, difficul

The Real World

I like to start some of my ponderings with a quote from movies, and in this case, it will be no different. I recall Morpheus, from The Matrix, talking to Neo as he woke up after choosing the Red pill, “Welcome, to the real world” he told him, implying his prior life was not real, an illusion from which he had just woken up and been born from. Having spent my entire career in the digital world, and most of personal life fascinated by technology, I can still recall my professio

My Relationships with things…

… with cars, music, room & board, you name it I was going to write about my experience on how last year I made a change in perception. I had a perception for decades that helped interact with certain things that made them important to me, a perception that made me understand why I needed those things and why, me, as a consumer decided to buy them. It was that same perception that made me rationalize that I needed to own them to make use of them and make my life easier bringin

Life Learnings from +7 Years in Brazil

It was June 2009, my son was 1,5 years old, and life was smiling at me in a way that one can feel a good performance, family and job-wise, when… suddenly, Brazil knocked on my door. I had gotten married to a lovely German Brazilian woman, so undoubtedly Brazil had already been part of my territory in a couple of occasions; personally and also thanks to work I had been having various visits to Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Floripa in the previous 3 years. During all those tim

Digital Transformation: From Digital Pages to Digital DNA

As we finalize the first quarter of this year 2017, one tends to ponder about achievements so far and I get to realize how fast time goes by; not only this year precisely but, in fact, time in general and suddenly I remembered a phrase that one of my mentors once told me “Jose, remember and treasure this moment because as of right now we are as young as we will ever be”. Hearing this in the back of my head, it created a flashback that took me back about 20 years ago, when for

The Year of Mobile Health

2016 was the year of various paradigms to be broken and, also, the year of foreseen-trends to become true and tangible. The rise of mobile is here to stay and it is certainly building up a revolution to providing access to information, acceleration of commerce and a whole new level of user experiences; some of them led by the mutation of its conventional use – moving up from hands to eyes along with the dawn of virtual and augmented realities, and as well coupled with certain

MEDITATION: My-edit-action

2016 was a year that brought the advent of various changes in my life, interpersonal and internal. These series of events woke up sleeping memories of other lives when a younger version of myself exercised the mind not only working hard at work, but also through meditation. I was introduced to the art of mediation back in the late 90’s and at the time it only tickled my curiosity to later on, in the beginning of the 2000, it started to grow on me. Since I turned 42 last Novem

Moments of Experience

Every day, we hear technology has reinvented itself and always there are some skeptical who feel we are at the dawn of a new apocalypse where machines take over humanity like the Skynet from Terminator. Moving away from any final Judgment days, we cannot avoid to realize that actually many new technological advances are slowly getting infiltrated in our daily lives, from flying drones for delivery, artificial intelligence to answer our questions, self-driven cars that will ta

Mobile is Everything: A part greater than a whole?

Back in 92-93, I was a foreign exchange student in San Diego (California) at Rancho Bernardo High School (a life changing experience for many reasons), when I first had a tête-a-tête with Prodigy (some kind of computer connected network). Back then, it was the early days of PCs and Macs, and for me it was still the days of evolving from BASIC to PASCAL programming (this is the part of the article when I corroborate that my brain BIOS dates back to a few decades). In these 25

Location without Context can be Coincidence

When talking about Mobile Search, Google says that 30% of searches are location-related. In addition, some literature has been written about the importance of real-time geolocation to converse with potential customers, impacting them in the very moment when they hit geo-fences around local stores. This is a rational based on the assumption that proximity is/was the new promised land to engage with customers. However, there is a third element that clearly brings tangible value

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