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The Real World

I like to start some of my ponderings with a quote from movies, and in this case, it will be no different. I recall Morpheus, from The Matrix, talking to Neo as he woke up after choosing the Red pill, “Welcome, to the real world” he told him, implying his prior life was not real, an illusion from which he had just woken up and been born from. Having spent my entire career in the digital world, and most of personal life fascinated by technology, I can still recall my professio

“E, M, L”, whatever letter before commerce is just commerce

If we think about the origin of the concept “commerce”, we see it dates back to 1530-1540 and it comes from a combination of Middle French and Latin languages in the form of “commercium” meaning “to trade together”. This concept stayed almost unaltered for centuries and it was only recently, in the last decades, that it suffered a mutation when a new “channel” was created for commerce to take place, we are, no doubt, talking about the digital world. From start, the new channe

Aristotle or Darwin, but in the end it’s pure focus

Per what Aristotle said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”; a piece of an ecosystem cannot surpass in size the greatness of that very ecosystem. On a previous article at Venture Beat by guest author, Soeren Stamer, he basically questions whether the approach to business by THE two internet giants (Google & Facebook) is all wrong from a long-term standpoint. In concept, the use of advertising is an accelerator to create the togetherness of a customer and a brand

Why “Local” can be your best e-commerce strategy ?

There is an old saying that goes, “…to be found, you need to put yourself first on the map…”, implying that if you were not in the map you did not exist. Not really so sure how old that saying is, but as funny as it seems, to some extent it is still very valid. With time, much has been written about omni-channel strategies as the evolution of ATL, BTL and New Media campaigns (Online, mobile, etc). As many already know, the term “Omni” inherits its origin from Latin and it is

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