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Naturally Curious about digital ideas - They are all upon us

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Manners in Business

Many years ago, back in primary school, i was told “what looks good, it is good” regardless of the fact that looking and being can be...

Body Dependencies

After already 3 days bearing a huge back pain, i can only express my tiredness and grief. This body we are given at birth is truly our...

Children are our future

just a quick post about naiveness and the true color of love. Context: The TV commercial entitled Tan Hong Ming, conceptualized and...

Homo Digitalis @ IAB – BCN

So far its been impressive the views of Fernando Carrion (microsoft) and John Lynn (grey group), a sharp look at spanish digiconsumers...

The T Flavor!

T as in Thursday! Yes, you feel the weekend even closer. T as in T-bone steak, today i got my teeth on a nice “vacio” from argentina, cut...

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